Surface Prep/Coatings

Unit Painting

Precise procedures and application technology along with years of experience has earned Performance Blasting & Coating, LP the reputation for being a premier industrial painting contractor.

Painting within the battery limits of operating units are high-risk areas. To minimize risks we adhere to our strict safety standards. PBC’s skilled craftsmen are very aware of the safety hazards, as well as the materials and coating applications involved.

Performance Blasting & Coating, LP’s attention to detail will result in coating longevity and reduction in your maintenance costs.


Tank Painting

Performance Blasting & Coating, LP is a proven leader in tank painting and internal coatings/linings. We have trained personnel providing the proper surface preparation and paint application to meet your specification.

Performance Blasting & Coating employees go through extensive training ensuring materials are applied according to the owner’s and manufacturer’s standards. The ability to paint and apply internal coatings begins with the correct surface preparation and specialized application equipment to provide quality results. In order to achieve quality results, the personnel must be properly trained. PBC has over 750 years of Field Supervision experience and 250 years of Management experience, combined we offer our clients more than 1000 years of knowledge and expertise in the trade.

Performance Blasting & Coating, LLC stays abreast of the latest technology in surface preparation, paint/coatings application and coatings technology to maintain competitive pricing, quality, and production.

Specialty Painting

Performance Blasting & Coating, LP has the experience in providing our clients with the manpower and expertise with maintenance projects, turnarounds, shutdowns and expansion projects.

PBC schedules and coordinates activities with general contractors and/or facility owners to complete the project on time and within budget.

To accommodate the general contractor or facility, PBC can also provide our clients the ability to perform abrasive blasting and painting at our off-site yards located in Port Arthur, Texas and Vinton, Louisiana.

Gas pipeline system
Gas compressor station

Maintenance Painting

Performance Blasting & Coating, LP’s Performance Managed Painting Program (PMPP) evaluates the coating condition at each facility. The objective of a maintenance painting program is to reduce costs by maximizing the coating cycle.

  • Reduced painting costs

  • Reduced replacement costs

  • Maximum life span of assets

  • Improve scheduling and budgeting

  • Eliminate costs associated with contractor selection on a project-by-project basis

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

Performance Blasting & Coating, LP provides an effective program to Corrosion Under Insulation by applying the most cost effective coating system for the necessary application.

CUI is a particularly severe form of localized corrosion.  CUI has been an on-going problem since the 1970’s and has forced engineers to include more sophisticated coating systems in their design specifications.

There are various types of corrosion occurring under insulation.  Using the proper materials can aid in prevention.  Water is the main problem, along with oxygen and temperature fluctuations.

Pipeline installation for distribution and supply

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